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Business center «PLATON»
1 / 5
Henuez’ka St, 1,1/1

Platon is the only business center in Odesa with an exploited roof and an open-air terrace
Residential Complex «Poseidon»
2 / 5
Dacha Kovalevs’koho St, 5

Residential Complex «Poseidon» – is a modern residential complex in the comfortable resort area of Odesa at «Dacha Kovalevs’koho»
Apart-complex «Itaka»
3 / 5
Chubaivs’ka Street, 1

Apart-complex «Ithaka» is a symbol of life filled with striving for success, true love and a home atmosphere
Residential Complex «Ellada»
4 / 5
Henuez’ka St, 1/1

Residential Complex «Ellada»- a modern legend of the Odessa real estate
Apart-complex «Calypso»
5 / 5
13-а stantsiia Velykoho Fontanu, Kurortny beach
Apart-complex «Calypso» - your maritime story

Apartments from the developer

from $ 27 199
from $ 36 027
from $ 52 326
from $ 73 055
Our objects for you
/ 5
Gefest's projects – always a unique style.
Each residential complex is built on an individual project. This fact allows us to create not just buildings, but unique objects of aesthetic architecture. We also pay special attention to the interior design of our complexes.
To make the interior of the buildings beautiful, our specialists develop special solutions for decorating common areas, corridors and stairs.
years on Ukrainian market
minimal price
families live in Gefest's buildings
objects put into operation
May there always be sunshine!
Drink fragrant coffee and watch from the window as the city is illuminated by the first rays of the sun. Schedule business and meetings at beautiful restaurants nearby. Have dinner after a busy day with sea views in the company of loved people and the warm atmosphere of your own home, which we have created especially for you.

Facades in our complexes are located for maximum insolation, apartments have the possibility of free planning, which will allow you to create the most comfortable and convenient space for each family member.
At our building's territory
Exquisite reception
Own infrastructure
Own service company
Closed and safe area
Yards without cars
Modern architecture
Author's concept
Why choose Gefest?
«Gefest» creates unrepeatable residential complexes, which combine unique architectural solutions and high-quality construction.
The company's specialists put a part of their soul into each project, which is why the buildings from «Gefest» are full of warmth and comfort.
Central sales department
Novoselskogo str. 81
Work schedule
09:00 — 18:00
10:00 — 15:00
Chervony lane 14 (entrance from Greek sq)
Phone number
Work schedule
09:00 — 18:00
Fontanska rd 25
Work schedule
09:00 — 18:00
09:00 — 15:00
Kurortny lane 32
Work schedule
09:00 — 18:00
10:00 — 15:00
Fontanska rd 20/4
Work schedule
09:00 — 18:00
10:00 — 15:00
Dacha Kovalevskogo 5
Work schedule
We build your dreams, looking to the future!
Construction company «Gefest» started its activity on the Ukrainian market in 1997, in the city of Odesa. Today, after more than 20 years of continuous operation, the construction company «Gefest» is synonymous with quality, stability, refined taste and a fast-growing construction association.

«Gefest Odessa » is a company in the TOP-3 of the largest developers in Odessa.

«Gefest » builds large business centers and residential complexes, most of which are located in the Primorsky district of Odessa. The company's portfolio also includes hospitals, restaurants, schools, offices and shopping malls that adorn the streets of Kyiv, Odessa, Yalta, Sevastopol and Mariupol.

Construction Company «Gefest » has its own material and technical base for the production and processing of building materials.

We advise you to contact the sales department to choose an apartment from the developer : our specialists will help you choose an apartment in a new building from 5 to 16 stations of the Great Fountain, in Arcadia, or in the center of Odessa.

You can find out about all the prices for apartments from the company on our site. You will find areas for every taste: from studios and 1-bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom apartments for young families, to spacious 3-bedroom apartments for large families in the new buildings from «Gefest ».

If you are a business owner - our sales department will help you choose an office, as well as agree on all technical issues to start repairs in your future commercial premises.