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Residential Complex «Acropolis»

from $ 1070 / m²
Project finish:
почергово: І–зданий, ІІ–зданий, ІІІ-А – 1кв.2023, ІІІ-Б,В – 4кв.2024
5-a stantsiia Velykoho Fontanu
«Acropolis» is a comfort-class residential building at the 5th station of the Velyky Fontan.
The «Acropolis» is a fortified fortress in the ancient Greek polis, which was located on a hill and protected the city in times of danger. It was a place, where rulers lived, kept treasures and worshiped the gods.
The most famous «Acropolis» is located in Athens. It was not only a place where the military and political life of the city took place, but also religious.
The inhabitants of Athens worshiped the goddess Athena, who guarded the city, and also felt closer to the gods-Olympians and paid homage to them at the temple of Athena Nike.
As a result, the Acropolis became synonymous with a holy place for every Greek.
These cultural, spiritual and aesthetic values ​​will be embodied in the residential complex «Acropolis», which is being built in a cozy corner of Odessa at the 5-a stantsiia Velykoho Fontanu.
from $ 30 392
from 25,7 to >92 m²
Parking Plan

-1 parking level

-2 parking level

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The Acropolis of Athens is an impressive, monumental building. It consists of the 21 historical architectural monuments of ancient Greece, which is an ingenious engineering structure.

The residential complex «Acropolis» is designed in a similar way as a solid mini-block of three detached 26-storey buildings, a low-rise building for commercial premises and a school, and a multi-level underground parking.

«Acropolis-1» is a two-section 26-storey building, which is made in a restrained style of «modern classics» with elements of thematic Greek decor, which organically complements the surrounding architectural appearance of the city.

«Acropolis-2» is a two-section 26-storey building of comfort class, which is made in a single style concept with the first building of the complex. It is being built in a residential area with a developed infrastructure, convenient transport links, quick access to green areas for recreation and spectacular views of Odessa.

«Acropolis-3» is a three-section 26-storey comfort-class building, which completes the architectural concept of the whole complex. It combines the best features of modern housing for all who seek maximum comfort and enjoyment of life.

The design of the hall, elevators, common areas, concierge service, seating areas - all are designed to give pleasure to the residents of the house every day.

Number of houses:
3 RC і 1 BC
Number of floors:
26 in RC and 14 in BC
Underground parking:
Approximate number of apartments:
Ceiling height of apartments:
2,9 m
The cost of a standart parking space:
The cost of a 2 lots parking space:
About the project

There are presented:

  • studio apartments from 25 m²,
  • 1-bedroom apartments from 35  m²,
  • 2-bedroom apartments from 65  m².

Original halls will be created in the project of each house. Their design will continue the refined style of the facade. The interior of the halls will be divided into functional zones and decorated with lighting, paintings and landscaping.

The adjacent territory of the whole complex is a landscaped space with landscaping, a playground and separate recreation areas for adults and children.

Stunning views of Odessa can be seen from the windows of the Acropolis residential complex
Stunning views of Odessa can be seen from the windows of the Acropolis residential complex
Stunning views of Odessa can be seen from the windows of the residential complex «Acropolis»
Observe the dynamic life of the Velykiy Fontan, be inspired by purposeful students and cheerful schoolchildren, enjoy the beauty of nature in Victory Park and the sea horizons of the Black Sea.
Adjacent territory
Adjacent territory
The adjacent territory with the equipped playground and gardening is an important part of the residential complex «Acropolis» for comfortable and useful leisure for children and adults.
The complex is home to perennial oaks, listed by UNESCO, which creates a unique atmosphere of unity with nature. A modern playground and recreation areas will also be a good opportunity for children to spend more time outdoors, play and play sports, and adults - to fully relax.
Free planning of apartments
Free planning of apartments
The apartment should have a comfortable area that allows you to implement your design projects.
Apartments in the residential complex «Acropolis» are free planning: 2.85 m ceilings, pre-finishing for your interior ideas, summed up communications.

More about heating, water supply, elevators, security system

Energy saving

Energy-saving technologies and modern insulation materials, Greek aluminum profiles with 2-chamber double-glazed windows were used in the creation of the complex.

Autonomous heating system

The house has an individual gas boiler room. In order to rationally consume heat in the complex and save on utility bills, investors are given the opportunity to independently install individual heat meters.

Water supply system

The complex has an uninterrupted system of water supply and water purification. Also, in the event of an emergency shutdown of water in the city, the complex provides water tanks.

The elevator installations

The building is equipped with Otis noiseless elevators; the additional option is an installation of elevators with a lifting capacity of 1x1000 kg in each section of the building.

The original concept of the premises

The individual design of the hall and corridors will be subject to a single classic style with bright accents in the decoration of ceilings, floors and stairs.

Security system

The complex has a video surveillance system with an output to the guard post.

Free layout of apartments

There is a possibility to divide and combine the rooms, to change the place of the kitchen, bathroom, etc in each apartment.

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Object passport

Odesa, provulok Topolynyy, 17A
Technical Supervision:
Grebnev Sergeevich (JSC 003069)
Construction documents
General plan
Certificate of commissioning of completed facilities