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Residential Complex «Apollon on Kulykovs'kyi Lane»

2-d Kulykovs’kyi Lane, 2А

Residential Complex «Apollon on Kulykovs’kyi Lane» – your architectural temptation!

The complex is located in 5 minutes from the Srednefontansky shopping center, railway station and walking distance to a bus stop, which will allow residents to easily move around the city. The well-groomed house territory adds a special charm to the complex.

Residential Complex «Apollon on Kulykovs’kyi Lane» – is the combination of aesthetic and functional architecture.

Energy saving

Energy-saving technologies and modern insulation materials, Greek aluminum profiles with 2-chamber double-glazed windows were used in the creation of the complex.

Autonomous heating system

The house has an individual gas boiler room. In order to rationally consume heat in the complex and save on utility bills, investors are given the opportunity to independently install individual heat meters.

Water supply system

The complex has an uninterrupted system of water supply. Also, in the event of an emergency shutdown of water, the complex provides water tanks.

The elevator installations

The building is equipped with Otis noiseless elevators; the additional option is an installation of elevators with a lifting capacity of 1×1000 kg in each section of the building.

The original concept of the premises

The individual design of the hall and corridors will be subject to a single classic style with bright accents in the decoration of ceilings, floors and stairs.

Security system

The complex has a video surveillance system with an output to the guard post.

Free layout of apartments

There is a possibility to divide and combine the rooms, to change the place of the kitchen, bathroom, etc in each apartment.

Read more about infrastructure in our blog.

News and information on the progress of construction of the residential complex «Apollon on Kulykovs’kyi Lane»:

11 этаж (технический)планировкитипового этажа 10 этаж (технический)планировкитипового этажа -1 этажпланировкитипового этажа -1 этажпланировкитипового этажа 9 этажпланировкитипового этажа 8 этажпланировкитипового этажа 7 этажпланировкитипового этажа 6 этажпланировкитипового этажа Продано 4 этажпланировкитипового этажа Продано 1 этаж. Коммерцияпланировкитипового этажа 2 этажпланировкитипового этажа
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Our benefits

  • rich infrastructure
  • central location
  • 10 floors of the business-class building
  • proximity of educational institutions
  • proximity to the sea
  • convenient transport interchange