Hrets’ka Square

On September 2, 2016, the bust of the Odessa mayor and the famous philanthropist Grigoriy Grigorievich Marazli was inaugurated.
It was casted from bronze and installed on a granite pedestal.
The architect Vladimir Glazyrin and sculptor Ilya Iliadi are the authors of this bust.
The monument was commissioned by the Odessa Greek community.
Pantelis Vasilievich Bumburas, founder of the construction company “Gefest”, was the main sponsor of this initiatives.
Also, there was implemented work to organize traffic on the Hrets’ka Square, which includes dismantling of reinforced concrete blocks, repair of granite paving slabs and installing of decorative metal fencing by the company “Gefest”.


5-a stantsiia Velykoho Fontanu. Heroiv-lotchykiv square

The company “Gefest” worked on the improvement of the park for almost two months.
Whole territory of the square was covered with tiles, beside this, there were made renovation of power grid and lighting poles with new-style lamps were installed.
An additional, the monument is provided for illumination and also new benches and litter bins were installed.
Moreover, 14 trees and 59 shrubs were planted, portable flower beds were decorated.
The square is equipped with an automatic watering system.
In addition, there are two bus stations with canopies and benches for passengers from the side of the Admiral Avenue.
Also, ramps were added at a pedestrian crossing.
Anti-parking bollards are installed around the perimeter of the square.



 The composition “The Abduction of Europe” was a gift to Odessa on its bicentenary and was built in September 1994 by architect V.N. Chepelev and sculptor A.P. Tokarev.

The company Hephaestus upgrading the square and  improved the composition ” Abduction of Europe” . Particularly,  work on the arrangement of footpaths and sports grounds  and installation of outdoor lighting were implemented.

80  cubic metres of soil have been delivered for landscaping a square.

Park benches,  litter bins, irrigation water supply were installed  in the square.

Also, the asphalt concrete pavement around the square was repaired, and pedestrian crossings were  rebuilt  with tactile signs.



The results of research carried out by Gefest showed the deplorable state of the slopes under Prymors’kyi Boulevard, in the area of ​​the Vorontsovs’ka colonnade soil movements were detected. Therefore, it became necessary to begin the strengthening of slopes with a powerful belt of piles as soon as possible.
The art zone of the Greek park on the slopes of Prymors’kyi Boulevard opened after a large-scale reconstruction.
The solemn event was timed to the celebration of the 224th anniversary of Odesa, the 2nd of September 2018.
To prevent landslides on the slope, the builders drove about 700 piles into the ground and installed a strong retaining wall.
The Greek park is divided into conditional three parts: an open-air art zone, a children’s entertainment and a pleasure park. The total area of ​​the park is 33 908 square meters.
The total area of ​​landscaping – 22 925.7 sq.m.
The territory has modern lighting and the necessary communications are held (drainage system, sewage system, irrigation system for green spaces, etc.).
Also, there are travel options for people with disabilities in the territory.
The art zone of the park owes its name to the creative idea of ​​the authors of the project and architects. Going down from the main massive stairs, guests of the park will see copies of ancient Greek statues. The Fish Restaurant will also be restored.
The main attraction is the unique “Beginning of the beginning” fountain, created by Odesa sculptor Mikhail Reva. According to the author’s idea, this figure symbolizes the universe. The sculpture of the fountain consists of 150 separate parts that were assembled by hand.
The lighting project of the Greek Park in Odesa took the top place in the All-Ukrainian competition of urban planning and architecture Ukrainian Urban Awards – Competition of Ukrainian Urban Studies at 7th of June 2019.