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Apart-complex «Calypso»

13-а stantsiia Velykoho Fontanu, Kurortny beach

The new complex will be located at the 13-а stantsiia Velykoho Fontanu.

This area of Odessa is the best place to live and relax in a beautiful sea atmosphere. Good beaches, an abundance of restaurants and cafes, fitness centers, a yoga studio, a surf center – all this makes up the lively infrastructure of the 13th station of the Big Fountain.

This is a unique place in Odessa, where you can freely go in for sports, ride a bicycle or roller skates along the whole sea coast.

The area of the 13th station is famous for its recreational properties, including due to its proximity to the sea coast, the absence of noise and pollution. Read more about infrastructure in our blog.

Therefore, this area attracts both Odessa residents and guests of our city, which makes real estate within the 13th station of the Big Fountain a better investment.

There are there are both apartments with panoramic views of the sea, and comfortable office space in the complex «Calypso».

There are a small number of floors and underground parking is laid for a comfortable life in a new complex.

News and information on the progress of construction of the apart-complex «Calypso»:

Special offer: all west side 1,2-room apartments ~ 950$/м².

Promotional prices are valid at full payment.

-1 этажпланировкитипового этажа -1 этажпланировкитипового этажа 1 этаж. Коммерцияпланировкитипового этажа 9 этажпланировкитипового этажа 8 этажпланировкитипового этажа 7 этажпланировкитипового этажа 6 этажпланировкитипового этажа 5 этажпланировкитипового этажа 4 этажпланировкитипового этажа 3 этажпланировкитипового этажа 2 этажпланировкитипового этажа
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Our benefits

  • premium architecture
  • the first line of the sea
  • green zone
  • the healing sea breeze
  • good variant for investments
  • ceiling height is 3 meters
  • apartments with open terraces
  • low-rise building