Rresidential Complex «Acropolis»

April 19, 2019
Acropolis is a new residential complex from company «Gefest», which draws attention to its favorable location and pleasant pricing of apartments.
This complex corresponds to all modern technologies of construction, and its location is a dream for a comfortable life in the bustle of a big city. Comfort is a key concept for a home. Do you think these are just words and it is far from the reality?
We took this into account and carried out an audit of the quarter as well as the construction site of the residential complex. And we have something to say! Let’s find out together!

What’s in and around?

The new residential complex «Acropolis» is located at Fontans’ka Road, 25 (or Topolevy lane, 17a). It is more used to call the 5-a stantsiia Velykoho Fontanu for familiar Odessa citizens!
The process of construction of the complex is in an active stage! Therefore, we can say, that we are now witnessing the birth of the beauty.
The residential complex situated in five minutes walk from the interchange, so everyone will find their way here. Public transportation goes well into the historic center or village of Cheremushki, Tairova and other parts of the city.

Car owners are given full freedom as the routes lead where the soul wishes.
It can be noted, that the high concentration of transport, that occurs in the area can also bring some discomfort to residents.

Location in detail

The residential complex «Acropolis» is delineated directly byFontans’ka Road and Chernyakhovsky Street, which borders with Marshala Hovorova and Akademichna streets. This urban variety brings to mind you a fairy tale about the giants, who chose the way to go. But in our case, wherever you turned – you will find some advantages!
So, there is a kindergarten «Detskaya derevnja», the building of «International Humanitarian University» and the Odessa Law Academy, the temple of the Holy Martyr Tatiana, where you can easily reach on the Fountain road. There is the Odessa Military Academy on the opposite side. Also, there is the main building of «International Humanitarian University» and Secondary School №38, which are located in direction down the Fountain Road.
Owners of the car will be happy about the filling station – AMIC «Energy», which operates 24 hours a day, opposite you can to eat at the cafe «Milan».
You can resolve your financial issues in the bank – Vostok and Credit Agrocol.
Also, you can make purchases at the supermarket «Tavriya-V» or in many others products and grocery markets, cosmetic, tableware, pet goods stores, etc.
Let’s move on. The bustling city traffic prevails at the Chernyakhovskogo Street, since the most popular fast food restaurant «McDonalds» is situated here.
The Shopping Center «5-th Element» is nearby. There is a large variety from legal services to cosmetic, restaurant, department of «Nova Poshta», language courses «Interlingua», children’s entertainment center «Tilly Willy» all under the same roof!
The area is noted by various bank branches of the city, as well as the large construction of «Ukreximbank». Such neighborhood will be convenient for all residents of «Acropolis».
There is network of pharmacies: «AKS», «Polimed» and «Hayevsky Pharmacy» on Chornyakhovskogo Street.
There will be no difficulty in purchasing products or other goods, as there is a supermarket «Silpo» and shopping malls for all tastes.
Marshala Govorova Street – is a branch of medicine. The following medical institutions were concentrated here: Municipal children’s polyclinics №4 and №6, Antenatal clinic №1, Maternity hospital №5, and Kindergarten №135.
The urban social sphere is found in the grocery store «Assorte», pharmacies «Aks», «Hermes».
There are a few catering establishments, such as the cafe « Grill Menu» at the corner of Chernyakhovskogo Street and the Cafe « Hong Kong Waffle», also at the corner but with Akademichna Street.
Akademichna Street is a great opportunity to walk on foot. Here are the buildings of the Law Academy, student dormitories.
There is an extensive network of business centers, entertainment establishments, cafes and supermarket «Tavriya-V». Besides, there is a city pump room on the part of Arboretum Peremohy.

Microclimate of the residential complex

Territory of the residential complex – is a exact opposite to the bustling city district. It seems, as if the city opens a secretly preserved world of nature to people. An atmosphere of tranquility prevails here, which will amaze you with the old thoughts rising in the highlands, the quiet breath of the wind and the singing of birds that come from everywhere. Such a small oasis in the middle of an urban environment, that is created for a comfortable life here.
It should be noted, that unique centuries-old oaks grow on the territory of the RC and are listed by UNESCO. It is well known that the oak, according to the Indo-European tradition, is the dwelling place of the gods, and in slavs, it is a sacred place with which the fate of man is connected, and the older the oak, the more it was respected.
Therefore, RC has a unique natural energy that is preserved in the tree, so that future residents will receive its vitality and nobility.
The beautiful territory of «Detskaya derevnja Astr» will not leave you indifferent.

Recreation area

Although, the territory of the RC – is a great place, but it is not limited. The great advantage of this area is the green walking areas, for example, «Heroes Pilots Square» and the magnificent Victory Park, located ten minutes down Marshal Govorov Street.
Arboretum Peremohy should be accurately described to writers or poets while praising the beauty of nature. We also visited him in the prime of autumn, the favorite time of Pushkin. After all, he wrote the most and most, he found «inspiration» in the autumn, a special state, «a blissful mood, when dreams are clearly drawn before you, and you find living unexpected words for the embodiment of your visions, when the verses easily lie under your pen, and sound rhymes run towards a harmonious thought »[«Egyptian Nights »].
A similar feeling filled us. We warmed up in the autumn sun and tuned in to the rhythm of the park, began to watch the relaxed walk of families, playful children, for whom there are many entertainments, for athletes and owners of animals. And we were overwhelmed by the fascination with such a harmony of man and nature that no photo will convey. We think, everyone will enjoy walking here, finding their inner peace.
In addition to uniting with nature, residents of the Acropolis can visit the Odessa racetrack.
Equestrian has always been a privileged passion that not only satisfies a person, but also confirms his or her high status in society. Yes, horse racing is a favorite hobby of the UK monarch family.
Living side by side, you will also be able to get the benefit of horseback riding and jumping as Queen Elizabeth II during her horseback riding in the woods or attending competitions.

Our summary

The residential complex «Acropolis» is located in a «communal paradise without a care or a worry» and fully justifies the declared status of «Comfort class»! We sincerely believe that the same opinion and feeling will be shared by all future residents.