Residential Complex «Rodos». LOCATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE.

April 11, 2019

Location and infrastructure

If you want to be an active citizen of the metropolis, but live in a comfortable, small Odessa at the same time, this material will tell you how to do it.
The residential complex « Rodos» is a new project from the company «Gefest». It’s combining the quality of construction and aesthetic appeal. The complex is located on Henuez’ka Street, where its infrastructure is being formed, which we highlighted for you in our revision.
The rhythm of the streets
Henuez’ka Street got its name in honor of the Italian Genoa, which is considered as the twin city of Odessa. It was part of Shevchenko Avenue until 1985, but now it is visually separated from it by 10-ho Kvitnya Square.

«Italian roots» are still reflected in the life and development of the street: temperament, liveliness and enterprise. A dynamic transport atmosphere reigns here, which is complemented by enthusiastic motorists and vacationers hurrying to the sea.
There are no problems with transport on Henuez’ka Street, because there is a regular service to any part of the city. For example, you can use the 5th tram or the 5th trolleybus, as well as a minibus No. 115, No. 168, No. 198.


There is also a wonderful opportunity to spend time – shopping for residents of RC «Rodos». You can choose and buy fashionable clothes or various goodies in the Shopping Mall «Sady Pobedy», where besides boutiques there is also the delicacy market «Cosmos», as well as other necessary establishments. It is located just in 5-minute walk from the residential complex on 10-ho Kvitnya Square.
An alternative to it will be the shopping and entertainment center «Gagarin Plaza» with an equally rich range of services and the supermarket «Tavria-V», which are located directly on Henuez’ka Street in a 7-10-minute walk away.
It’s also placed a number of different small shops, for example, specialized shops for cheese, flowers, pet products, home textiles and more.


Henuez’ka Street leads to the main tourist area of the city – Arcadia. It is here that one of the best networks of entertainment venues in Odessa functions, which are so attractive to all vacationers.
There are the best cafes and restaurants, the loudest parties and popular artists, the prestigious summer terraces and night clubs, beautiful beaches and the warm sea. This is a tempting tourist Arcadia, a resort Mecca on the Black Sea, where residents of the residential complex «Rodos» can relax.
The entertainment sector of Henuez’ka Street is wide. There are restaurants, cafes, entertainment centers, but first things first.
There is the Shopping Mall «Sady Pobedy», where is a restaurant with the same name, a concert hall and an art gallery at the 10-ho Kvitnya Square, where Henuez’ka Street originates from. There is a cafe-bar «BoozeBar», which situated near the Arboretum Peremohy on Akademicheskaya Street, opposite the Shopping Mall «Sady Pobedy». Henuez’ka Street is decorated with such institutions as the restaurant-gallery «Savory», the restaurant «Solo restaurant» and the health and beauty center «Ark SPA Palace», from here in less than 5 minutes, we reach the RC «Rhodes».
Going down Henuez’ka Street, we can find many establishments for every taste, for example, restaurant-cafe «Andijon» , restaurant «Hour Peak», cafe-restaurant «Gastromania», restaurant «Pizza & Grill », coffee house «Strudel», cafe «Tri tolstyaka», Cafe «SlowFoodCaffee» and Restaurant «Samvel».
Also,we can find the beauty salon «Fusion» and the «LCN Premium center» aesthetic medicine and beauty center «Larange» among this variety of catering services on the Henuez’ka Street.
Shopping center «Gagarin Plaza» is located in the direction of the Arcadia Alley to the Henuez’ka Street, where you can not only buy something, but also enjoy delicious dishes in the restaurant «Gagarinn FOOD HUB» or prettify yourself in the beauty salon « Lara Style»
In this place, Henuez’ka Street going to go out the modern Arcadian alley and goes to the sea, to the famous Arcadia. It opens the resort world of Odessa, full of fashionable institutions and restaurants, cafes, shops, for example, the cafe «Merry Berry», cafe «The Seagull», cafe-restaurant «Mangalleto», cafe-bar «The Roastery by Odessa» and others.
And of course, the crown of fun, relaxation and enjoyment is the Itaka recreation complex by the sea and the Ibiza entertainment and beach complex. Here is Georgetown, Soho and Ibiza Island combined at night. Not even a quarter, but a city of night clubs – from the most fashionable to the most democratic. Any music formats. The atmosphere is more than friendly.
We note, however, that Arcadia is very popular among vacationers, who sometimes do not want to live in boring hotel rooms or hostels, because they want to feel at home, even on vacation. How to do this? For example, you can rent a studio apartment in the RC «Rodos» and gain strength in the best area of the city.

World of enlightenment.

Henuez’ka Street is rich not only in sea and the entertainments.

The solid building of the Odessa Regional Institute of Public Administration is situated here. This is branch of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine, where you can find out the secrets of public service, organize your project and put it into practice. Perhaps, odessa E. Macron or the new A. Merkel will study here.
But the public administration sphere does not appeal to everyone, but quite a number want to learn how to drive a car. There is a driving school in the vicinity of the residential complex «Rodos» on Akademicheskaya Street (Pionerskaya St., corner of Kurortny Lane) .
Nowadays, the trend of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and sports captures the world. You can learn how to play tennis at the «Black Sea Tennis Academy» along Henuez’ka Street and also visit the Arcadia Tennis Club.
Besides, you can develop your sports training at a yoga school, a judo sports club, a billiard room «Arena Billiard », fitness studio «Just Fit» or fitness club «Sport Life» on Henuez’ka Street.

Peace and quiet

There is Akademicheskaya street and Kurortny Lane near the complex . It is the exact opposite to Henuez’ka Street. There is not such a large flow of cars, only tram number 5 taps sometimes. There are many medical institutions and sanatoriums located on the Akademicheskaya street . So, special atmosphere of relaxation reigns here.
In addition, the construction of a parochial schools is underway here.
An unusual wall art is also the highlight of the Akademicheskaya street . Arboretum Peremohy is a wonderful alternative for a relaxing and ecological holiday. It is located in 5 minutes from the residential complex «Rodos» . You can learn more about the history of Arboretum Peremohy in our post.
Also, there is another natural attraction of Odessa – the Botanical Garden, which located in one tram stop from the residential complex «Rodos». Rare exhibitions with many years history and unique exhibitions captivate visitors all year round. Visit this green paradise and get a sea of positive emotions!


The residential complex «Rodos» is located in a prestigious area of ​​Odessa near the resort of Arcadia. This is an area for young and successful, dynamic and confident conquerors of a big city. Here, the secrets of the resort city for tourists are revealed and gifts are presented to its residents. There are many sanatoriums and hotels of the last century, which give an unusual color to the modern city quarter in this area.
Therefore, if you want to have a theme party or relatives come to you, then you can safely organize both yourself and them an active and unusual vacation at the Black Sea.