Residential Complex «Milos». LOCATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE.

November 6, 2018
Residential complex Milos is an original architectural project from the Hephaestus company. The house is located at the 7-a stantsiia Velykoho Fontanu in Polunychnyi Lane.
The highlight of the residential complex is a posh appearance: a crescent shape designed by graceful cascades.
The company «Gefest» comprehensively approaches the creation of the residential complex «Milos», taking into account both aesthetic and technical components and the infrastructure that is convenient for future residents, highlighted in our material.


The main infrastructure of the residential complex is: shops, stalls, service kiosks. It’s located directly on the Fontanskaya road. There is a great opportunity to come home with sweets and not spend a lot of time looking for it .
At the 7-a stantsiia Velykoho Fontanu, next to the stop you can find: the shopping pavilion «Seventh» , grocery stalls, eco-goods, a European goods store, «Eva» cosmetics and perfumery shop, pet supplies, and flower shops.
Also, a supermarket «Glutton» in this area is . An alternative to it will be the supermarket «Virtus» and retail stalls, which are located towards the 7-a stantsiia Velykoho Fontanu on the opposite side of the supermarket.
There are service kiosks operate here to solve household and financial issues, as a dry cleaning, a telephone repair service center, currency exchange, payment terminals, bank branches and others along with grocery and hardware stores. Also, you will find there small beauty salons «Vita», «Goa» and others.
There is also represented the medical and pharmaceutical sphere: pharmacies, medical center «Adonis », health center «SPAS», dental clinic «Dental Art» and veterinary clinic «Aibolit ».
If you look in detail, the residential complex «Milos» is outlined by Polunychnyi Lane, Posmitnoho and Pedagogicheskaya Streets, which form a quiet, secluded corner near the private sector. The infrastructure here is local and can be said without surplus. You will find a small grocery store at the Polunychnyi Lane, Chestor department store – at the Pedagogical street and a food tent and an eco-goods store «Uglovoy »- at the intersection of Posmitnoho and Pedagogical. There are beauty establishments and a police station at the Posmitnoho street.


Entertainment is less popular here than in the famous tourist places of the city, but nevertheless, there is something to be proud of at the 7-a stantsiia Velykoho Fontanu.
There is a very beautiful restaurant «Apsheron» on the Fontanskaya Road, and there is a banquet hall in front of it. Also, there is a cafeteria and pastries a little further towards the 6-a stantsiia Velykoho Fontanu.


The square is decoration and revitalization of this area. It’s located in 2 steps from the bus stop. This well-groomed green area with a playground will be in pleasure to all residents of the residential complex «Milos».
A secluded place with green spaces, a playground and a gym is also formed on Polunychnyi Lane between residential buildings.
Also, there is hiding place with green areas, playground and gym, which was formed between apartment houses at the Polunychnyi Lane.

Educational path

Educational institutions are located in 5-10 minutes from the residential complex.
There is school number 81, the chess federation and a sports club in the direction to the 8-a stantsiia Velykoho Fontanu. Also,there is a network of private kindergartens in the direction to the 6-a stantsiia Velykoho Fontanu.

And what about the neighbors?

Let’s just have a little look what the neighboring 6-a stantsiia offers. You can walk from the 7-a stantsiia to the 6-a stantsiia in just 5 minutes.
You will be greeted by a lively trading chain of small shops, among the people of MAF there. There are also alternative small grocery stores, a confectionery «Chokha», a cafeteria and others.
There is also a supermarket «Kopeyka», a department of the medical laboratory «Smartlab», a beauty salon «La Beaute», opposite a naval lyceum and the Odessa District Administrative Court La Beaute in the residential sector.
Also, your attention will be attracted to the original institution – restaurant «The Tram № 16», which was created in the style of the Odessa tram. There are many private kindergartens, the language center «Freedom», beauty salons «Bali», beauty studio «Rumyantseva» and others. Besides, there is museum «The Beatles».


Therefore, let’s see how you can get to the beach from the residential complex «Milos».
You can get to the sea along Posmitnogo Street to the Arcadia Alley. The second way, you simply go down to the seashore along the Arcadian Lane. On average, you will get to Arcadia beach in 15-20 minutes.


The residential complex «Milos» is located in a comfortable, quiet area of the private sector of the Velykoho Fontanu. The infrastructure of the house has a wide range of services that will ensure a comfortable stay in the area. You can find all the necessary shops, popular supermarkets and various maintenance services here.
There are many pre-school educational institutions and a school to the delight of parents n the area. In addition, there is a beautiful square and playgrounds.
The area of the residential complex «Milos» resembles uptown. There is a measured life and a minimum number of entertainment facilities. However, the convenient location of the complex allows you to comfortably reach as to the Arcadia with its wealth of entertainment complex, as to the historical center.

The residential complex «Milos» is suitable for both practical as for measured people who want a stable life in a quiet area, and fast-moving, as for emotional youth, who will find here a resource of peace and restoration of vitality for future achievements.