Residential Complex «Korfu». LOCATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE.

April 12, 2019
Residential complex «Corfu» – a new project of the construction company «Gefest». The house is located at the 10th station Velykoho Fontanu in Cordon Lane.
The stylistics of the Corfu residential complex organically supports the marine theme embodied in color shades, outlines and unique facade details.
The charm of the house – is its proximity to the seashore. About 20 steps and you are on the beach. Read in our revision what else will please you RC Corfu.

Near the residential complex

Let’s walk the the Fontanska Road at first. We can see the supermarket «Obzhora» and a small grocery store, the Italian Quarter pizzeria, the Novaya Pochta and Ukrposhta branch, a pharmacy, pet supplies, a flower shop and a car service, a currency exchange, payment terminals, and a building materials store there. There is also a bit of entertainment in the form of a recreation complex with a bathhouse, restaurants of Armenian, Georgian, European cuisine.

Then we leave from the Fontanskaya road, step out on the Vanny lane and find Shklyaruk square, which was recently ennobled. Now here is a beautiful, buried in the green resting place with a playground in a step away from the residential complex Corfu. It is comfortable for children to play and their parents to relax.

Supermarket Tavria-V is next to the residential complex. Also, private sector is close to RC and radiates peace and quiet. Go down Vanny Lane and you will find the Restaurant «Zebra», the modern hotel «Stella Residence», and Chaika Beach is just around the corner. Let us return to the study of the nearest infrastructure of the residential complex and turn off from Vanny to Cordon Lane.

It is full of beautiful houses in the private sector, a variety of greenery, flowers and real relaxation.

Neighbor Review

The Big Fountain District is a well-known resort area of the city, the atmosphere of which they are trying to maintain. The infrastructure of these places can be called unobtrusive, in comparison with with the center or Arcadia. However, there are all necessary facilities, that situated very compact.
Let’s go over the 9th station Velykoho Fontanu.
You can admire the panoramic views of the sea and walking to the 9th station Velykoho Fontanu in about 7-10 minutes along the Zdorovya Track .
What can you like here? You definitely should like the park «Yunost», which stretched from station 8 to station 9.

Park «Yunost » is an abundance of greenery, plantings and a variety of entertainment for children. There are private kindergarten «Elite-M», a fitness club «White Sail», a sports club «Champion», a beauty salon «Style Deluxe» and a flower boutique «Tess» and a grocery store located next to the park.

Also, you can walk or ride to the 9th station along the Fontanska road as an alternative. You can meet a grocery store, a repair company, a little way off the Svetlyachok-Lux kindergarten, and the Center for Aesthetic Dentistry « PLATINUM DENT» on the way.

There are a number of other institutions, as the Ambulatory medical center «Axis», the psychological counseling center «Lokus», the kindergarten «Lokus», the beauty studio, and the supermarket «Tavria-V», a pharmacy, ATMs and a little lower showroom for women’s clothing «Amici», which are located in direction from Chernomorsky Street to Urozhayna Street.
If we will cross the opposite side of the Fontanskaya Road, we will find: medical center «Blagodar», cafe « Dominika», kindergarten «Saadat», travel company «Spilno Travel», dance center and foreign language school «Let’s go». These and other institutions are located in entertainment center «Mirny».

Sea side of the coin

Let us return to the sea, which is the main highlight of infrastructure. As we noted above, if you’ll go down from the Corfu residential complex along Vanny Lane, you will step out on the well-groomed beach «Chaika». During the walk, we were pleased with really clean sand and clear water. We hope that in the summer, even with a large number of vacationers, the view of the beach will be preserved.
There is a playground on the beach. This is a good help for parents whose children are naughty and do not want to get out of the water. In addition, beautiful panoramic view of the city offers there and you can take interesting photos.

Let’s consider a couple more beach options:
a large beach «8th station of the Velykoho Fontanu». From there you are very close to the fashionable beaches of Arcadia;
beaches Dolphin, Public beach & club and others at the 11th station of the Velykoho Fontanu;
also, a bicycle and pedestrian overpass on the Health Track is currently under construction. This will help to unload the beach and open a free passage from the 8th to the 16th station. So, you can freely relax, ride a bike and sunbathe right by the sea without any barriers.


The residential complex «Corfu» is located in a beautiful and comfortable place. Everyone who wants to take a break from the bustle of the city and relax will enjoy it here. Herewith you don’t leaving far from the city and always have on hand all the benefits of civilization.
What with residential complex «Corfu» can be associated? Probably, it can be a beautiful seaside resort from the Bounty advertisement with its paradise pleasure at the Black Sea. Actually, you will have beautiful spruces instead of a coconut palm, but beautiful sea view from the window and the beach with white sand will remain.