Infrastructure of residential complex «Poseidon»

November 22, 2019
Sometimes, each of us thinks about «board a train, get to the sea». However, you can not arrange cardinal escapes from the reality and benefits of civilization, but find a place of power in your hometown. For example, as in Odessa at the 16-a stantsiia Velykoho Fontanu.
This location is distinguished by its remoteness from the bustle of the city, a large area of ​​green spaces, sand beaches and clear sea. It is a real luxury to live here in your own apartment, as if in a sparsely populated resort. Residential complex «Poseidon» – a healing sea element in the window of each apartment!

Residential complex «Poseidon» is located in a prestigious area with developed external infrastructure and, at the same time, without dense buildings. There are supermarket «Kopeyka», Children’s hospital number 8 5 minutes from the complex, and restaurant «Yug», supermarkets «Santim» and «Tavria V», the city children’s hospital named after Academician B.Ya. Reznik, school №106.
There are a specialized school with in-depth study of foreign languages №84, which is located towards from Dacha Kovalevsky to Cape «Big Fountain», a private specialized school «Harmony», square, historical memorial 411 battery.

The big advantage of the complex is its proximity to the sea.
There is the promenade and the beach «Zolotoy Bereg» in 5 minutes walking from the complex. In addition, there is a sports attraction of the city – Trassa Zdorovya (so called Health Track) along this beach. Also in 10-15 minutes you can find catering establishments: the beach complex «Zolotoy Bereg», «Brismarin», «D-6», «Gogol by the sea» cafes.

In the radius of the Lustdorf Road, Tairovo Square and Independence Square, which is 25-30 minutes from the complex, there is a more extensive service sector. Among which:
– fitness clubs «Yes Fitness», «Forma», «Strekoza», «Sky Fit Club», women’s fitness studio «Fit Curves»;
– shopping centers «Panorama», «City Center», «Tairovsky», shopping gallery «Oscar Boutique», food markets «Yujny» and «Kievsky», supermarkets «Metro Cash & Carry», «Tavria V», «Silpo», «ATB», «Kopeyka», «Obzhora»;
– restaurants «Schastye», «Uliss», «Arkhimus», «Goryachie pertsy», pizzerias «Pomodoro», «Domino’s Pizza», «Italyansky kvartal», cafe «Croix Sun», «Keks», «Sova», «Aroma Kava», etc .;
– beauty salons «Solange», «La Fleur», «Milena», «Beauty Room», «B. Space»;
– Bank branches Credit Agricole, Alfa Bank, Vostok, Ukrsibbank, Sberbank, Pivdenny, PrivatBank, Oschadbank, A-Bank, etc.

Also there is a leisure complex «Faina music pub», cinema «Zolotoy Dyuk» and a children’s entertainment center «Limpopo» in this area. Among the educational institutions here are located:
– educational schools № 65, №55,№86 and №89,
– Private Jewish kindergarten «Ор Самеах», an educational complex «Nadezhda», a children’s development center «Lucky», private kindergartens «Academy of Childhood», «Grow Up», «Znayka», «Korablik»,
– Children’s Center «Chernomorets», the school of programming and robotics for children «RoboCode», children’s art school №1 named after K.K. Kostandi.