Residential Complex «Ellada». LOCATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE.

April 1, 2019

The infrastructure is an important part of the Residential Complex «Ellada», because not only convenience, but also the quality of life of future residents depends on it. So we tried to highlight its main components, which are located at the Residential Complex «Ellada».

Residential Complex with a tourist character: to live close to Arcadia

The residential complex «Ellada» will be constructed in the dynamic Primorsky district, next to Arcadia.

Arcadia is a popular vacation spot in Odessa. It is recommended to come here to get unforgettable emotions and impressions of a sea vacation. Also, it has a multifaceted entertainment complex for wide audience.

There are a lot of children’s entertainment and cafes, as well as a water park, that will mostly enjoy to families with children. At night, here comes the time for loud parties in coastal clubs.

Besides, whole range of services and entertainment is available to everyone who loves another kind of rest and is indifferent to loud parties and dancing until the fall.

Small street with great opportunities

The infrastructure of the residential complex «Ellada» is made up of many institutions of the Henuez’ka street. There is a great shopping opportunities, have a good time in a restaurant or cafe, go in for sports or give a lot of entertainment to children, as well as pay attention to yourself and your style.

The main part of services and entertainment facilities, resorting to numbers, can be expressed as follows:

– 3 shopping centers
– 3 supermarkets
– 4 fitness clubs
– 2 children’s entertainment centers,
– new water park
– beautiful water park
– modern cinema Multiplex,
– more than 20 cafes and restaurants,
– a chain of beauty salons, banking services, etc.

Let’s add some details to this image. So, if you want to drink coffee with a yummy snack or meet friends, family and spend a pleasant evening, then you can do it in such establishments: restaurant «Solo», «Rush Hour», «Le Grill», «Pizza & Grill», cafe «Strudel», «Tri tolstiaka», «SlowFoodCaffe», and others.

If you want to spend time shopping, the following shopping centers are located in the area of Henuez’ka Street:«Sady Pobedy», «Gagarin Plaza», where the multiplex cinema with advanced equipment, has been recently opened, Arcadia Street minimarket, and delicacy market «Cosmos», «Silpo». There are also many beauty institutions here: Fusion Salon, Feeling, LCN Premium center, Aesthetic Medicine and Beauty Center Larange.

The Genoese infrastructure complex is supplemented by fitness centers: Sport Life, Just Fit, EBSH, Ark SPA Palace.

Live, walk and have fun: naughty bonus near the sea

After walking along the Henuez’ka street, you will step out on the Arcadia Alley, which also has a lot of institutions and beautiful locations for photos and relaxation. It will takes you not only to a better beach, but also add a cheerful energy of the southern city. You can find famous Italian pizzeria cafes and restaurants, Bobo Bar Bubble Tea coffee shop, Love Ice Planet ice cream parlor, Lviv Croissants coffee shop, The Roastery by Odesa coffee bar and others here.

Also here you will find a souvenir and gift shop «Made in Odessa», a shop «White Story», clothes shops «Karol», «Kriza» etc. In addition, on the Arcadia Alley you can visit the virtual cinema 8D Cinema and the HAWAII water park.

In peace and quiet

Odesa is a contrasting and unusual city. Kurortnyi Lane is also adjoin to RC «Ellada» and differs from Henuez’ka street by its lower traffic load. Although, there is only a car wash and several tennis clubs, lane does not look boring.

It’s advantage in its calm. Kurortnyi lane connects the complex «Ellada» and the famous Health track. So, you will have a possibility to go in for sports and ride a bicycle or rollerblading along the sea coast.

It’s 15 minutes to the center, and even less to the park

A well-developed system of urban transport functions near the complex. There is also a transport stop near the house. So, the city center can be reached in 15 minutes, other areas of the city – in about 20, in addition, a large Park Peremohy (so called Victory Park) is located 5 minutes from the complex.

Residents will have entry and exit from Henuez’ka Street, as well as entry and exit to Kurortny Lane and Academichna Street.