Apart-complex «Calypso». Overview of the infrastructure

January 13, 2020
The world is changing and real estate trends with it. For example, spacious and comfortable apartments replace previously popular summer cottages at the seaside. They are chosen not only for modern technical solutions, more spacious layouts, extensive panoramic views, but also for a new lifestyle, for convenience and feelings of unity with nature.

The apartment complex «Calypso» is located at the 13-а stantsiia Velykoho Fontanu. This area is surrounded by a large private sector, as a result of which there is clean air and almost no car noise. Near the complex there is a sports attraction of the city – Health track, a large park area, well-groomed beaches, fitness centers, a yoga studio and a surf center.
There are the seasonal beach complexes «Cuba beach club» and «Aloha», cafe «Mambo» and «By the sea», night club «Luch», beach «Kurortny», restaurant-beach «Ikra», restaurant «Fish» in walking distance from the complex.

The advantages of the apart-complex infrastructure are the beach in 3 minutes walking distance and the remoteness of the city’s transport arteries.

There are a supermarket «Santim», a beauty studio «Beauty by Loginova», a cafe «Strudel», a yoga studio, a chain of cafe-and-candy stores «Profitroli», Odessa Ecological University, dance studios, a school martial arts and rhythmic gymnastics located in 7-10 minutes walking along Lvivskaya street from the complex .

Also, heading towards the 12-а stantsiia Velykoho Fontanu, you can find the restaurant «Reef» , the beach complex «Coco Beach club», the beach entertainment complex «Riviera » and the cafe «Mambo». Towards the 14-а stantsiia Velykoho Fontanu there is a general education school number 106.
Also, if you will take a trip in the direction of the Lustdorf road, you can find the supermarkets «Tavria V», «Silpo», the entertainment complex «Ulysses», the shopping center «Panorama», fitness clubs «Hummingbird», «Dragonfly», «Smile» in 10-15 minutes by car and ect.
Also, the market «Kievsky» is located in this area, where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, there is: a network of preschool institutions, comprehensive schools, more than five language schools, a network of restaurants and bank branches.